Integrated technical security solutions + trained professionals =

Peace of Mind

Integrated technical security solutions + trained professionals =

Peace of Mind

Integrated technical security solutions + trained professionals =

Peace of Mind

Our Services

Static and mobile guarding

PalSafe guards are trained in generic security skills and also in site specific knowledge and practices. Guards operate in uniform unless otherwise directed and all guards communicate via press to talk radios.

VIP Escort

PalSafe offers close escort and protection services for VIPs and other visitors in Palestine. Whether they are visiting political leaders, celebrities, or representatives of broadcast organizations and NGOs,

CIT Services

PalSafe has provided CIT services for a number of banks and companies for 6 years. PalSafe’s CIT team shared training courses with our partners, to ensure our protection procedures are effective and efficient

Supply of Safety and Security Equipment

PalSafe supplies appropriate equipment and supplies for different clients that are related to both the safety and the security fields. PalSafe also provides relavent training and after sales support particularly with high tech equipment.

Evacuation and Contingency Plans

PalSafe supports it clients by preparing for future eventualities. It designs and implements plans ranging from fire drills to the evacuation procedures of international staff from conflict areas.

Risk Assessment and Security Plans

PalSafe has trained and qualified personnel who conduct security surveys and risk assessments. These services are essential in informing the security plans and protocols it develops for each customer.

Control and Monitoring services

Control and Monitoring services

Security updates and alerts

PalSafe provides subscriber clients with daily security reports and updates on security conditions via SMS technology. These reports include traffic conditions, checkpoint status and emergency information to better inform and protect its clients while on the roads in Palestine.

Training services

PalSafe established a Continuous Professional Department for the training of guards, supervisors, and security surveyors Training courses address security and safety standards, communication skills, dispute management, and effective intervention skills.


PALSAFE was the first certified integrated security service provider in Palestine and was established in 2006. Since then it has grown to become the largest security provider with more than 600 employees. Today, PalSafe is a member of Wassel Group, which is a public trading company. The clients of PalSafe cover the full range of security environments, from the public, private & diplomatic sectors through to major commercial and industrial areas. PalSafe maintains a technically sophisticated 24/7 Control and Monitoring room, (CMR), which is the pumping heart of the company. It provides telephone, radio, SMS, CCTV and internet communications and its staff is trained to conduct CCTV and asset tracking surveillance, response to alarm alerts, deployments of PalSafe security resources, and operational control of incidents. Additional, they provide security updates and alerts via SMS technology. PalSafe also maintains mobile response teams that provide patrol capacities and fast response to incidents and alarms.

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Property Management


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Palsafe was in charger of Arab Idol Mohamad Assaf Personal Security and Escorting during the press conference that toke place in Grand Park Hotel

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